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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Review: Gamer Girl

Title: Gamer Girl
Author: Mari Mancusi
Series: none
Age Group: young adult
Format: hardcover
Pages: 248
Release Date: November 13, 2008
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Source: library
Maddy's life: not so rockin'. Her parents split, she's stuck in a new, small town at a school full of Aberzombies and Haters, she has a crush on someone she really shouldn't like, and she's stuck with the nickname Freak Girl. Sometimes it's enough to retreat into her drawing--her manga is totally important to her--but when she gets Fields of Fantasy for her birthday, she knows she's found the one place she can be herself. In the game world, Maddy can transform from regular outcast high school student to Allora, a beautiful Elfin princess with magical powers to take down enemies with a snap of her fingers and a wave of her wand.
As Allora, Maddy's virtual life is perfect, and she even finds a little romance. But a real gamer girl understands that real life comes first--Maddy can't escape from her IRL problems. She has to find ways to kick back at the Haters, rock her manga, and find the new, real-life friends she knows she deserves.
Have you ever read a unique book where no matter how hard you try, you can't seem to find anything like it? Gamer Girl would have to be one of those types of books. There's nothing really special in wording that Mari Mancusi uses. But somehow, the plot draws me in. It's different, to say the least.

I  read Gamer Girl about three years ago, and at that time, I was a seventh grader. The cover drew me in(I always judge the cover) and when I finished the book, it stuck with me. Here I am now, three years later, re-reading, and reviewing it on here. I couldn't get it out of my head, and I wanted it on my blog.

Maddy is the type of misunderstood gothy girl. She moves to a new school, where she is deemed "Freak Girl". Like I said, the word choices aren't the best, and at times, the plot is slightly cliche, but the story is wonderful. Who doesn't love a happily ever after? Anyways, back to Maddy. So, Maddy loves to draw anything manga(a Japanese art style). She also loves playing a game titled Fields of Fantasy. Through this, she meets a chivalrous knight, SirLeo. Maddy is swept away into a wonderful relationship with SirLeo.

In the real world, Maddy has a huge crush on Chad, who I couldn't help be like. He was sweet but shy and at times could be considered a coward, but who cares! Frankly, Chad was a sensitive guy. Maddy made a great choice in picking him.

Overall, Gamer Girl could be considered a cliche read, but it's a really cute and fast read. You won't regret reading it(especially if you're into manga)!

Side Note: If anyone has read this book and has a recommendation for fans of this book, feel free to leave the book title(s) in the comments! I've desperately been searching for a book like this.

My Rating:

About the Author:
Mari Mancusi is the author of several books for teens and adults, including Boys That Bite, Stake That!, and Girls That Growl. In addition to writing, Mari also enjoys snowboarding, clubbing, shopping, eighties music, and her favorite guilty pleasure, video games. IRL she's a television producer in New York City, where she lives with her very sweet dog, Molly.

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