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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday Star [3]

Hello everyone! I hope everyone has an awesome Memorial Day tomorrow! Today we have Breila joining us. Let's begin.
Blogger: Breila McValan
Blog: taiyoutenshi
Why did you start a blog?
I never really thought about it, but I grew bored one day and figured 'why not write reviews on what I've read?'

How did you come up with your blog title?
It just came to me.

How long have you been blogging?
Since January 2012.

What do you think is your biggest accomplishment as a blogger?
Getting started.

What are your top 5 favorite books? Authors?
 I read too much to tell you that!

What are three things you never leave home without?
Purse, iPod, e-reader and/or a book

Which book character would you love to have dinner with? Where would you go?
I have to chose *just* one? Alright...  Richard Dun and I'd take him home for some special cocktails. ^_~

What do you do when you aren't reading?
Listen to music, chat and either kill time on FB or Twitter, if not both.

How would you describe your personality?
Overall, I'm pretty easy to get along with... Just don't piss me off.

How many book do you read per week? How often do you post on your blog?
 I'm working on one right now and I post whenever I have something to say.

Thank you Breila for taking the time to be with us today! Everyone, go take a look at her blog when you have time!

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