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Monday, June 20, 2011

Morganville Vampire Series

In Morganville, Texas, it is prohibited to go outside after dark.  If you disobey, it is at your own risk.  What lurks in the shadows? One word that is notoriously famous. VAMPIRES. Once you enter this forsaken town, you never leave, and if you do, you lose all your memories, which is how the vampires have been able to survive this long.  How have humans lasted in this town? By protection, which is given by vampires in the form of bracelets(if the bracelet is red it's expired).  In return, a human is a slave to these blood-thirsty fiends.  These creatures of the night satisfy their thirst from the humans, who are required to donate blood at the hospital, thus quenching the vampire's hunger.  Gone are the sparkly vegetarian vampires who refuse to drink from humans.  In this series, vampires are bloodthirsty, evil beings.

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