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Monday, August 6, 2012

Winners: 24 Hour YA Read-a-thon

Thank you to everyone who decided to participate in this giveaway, and to the authors who donated prizes! :) I hope you all enjoyed the three mini-challenges, and now we're picking the winners.

*drum roll*

Guess That Book Cover Mini-challenge: Tiffany
Three people got all the guess right! Out of those, the winner was picked randomly through random.org All great guesses. I wish there could be more winners!

Mini-challenge #2: Montana
There were five entries, and out of those, the winners were picked randomly, through random.org Thank you all for your submissions. I read them all and loved your choices!

Page Count Mini-challenge: Rachael
Update: I'm sorry for the error, but I made a mistake. Knowing me, it was bound to happen. The winner for this mini-challenge, wasn't Montana, but Rachael. I'm sorry about the confusion!
Congratulations on all the reading everyone got done! All lot of books were read this past weekend, but of course, there had to be a person who read the most, and that was Montana. But in the end, what counts the most is that you got what you wanted read! :)
Books Read(by Rachael): 6
Pages Read(by Rachael): 1375

Once again, thank you all for participating! The winners will be receiving emails very soon.
NOTE: Prizes will be picked in the order the winners were listed.

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