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Monday, August 27, 2012

Back To School!


I thought I would let everyone know that I'm back in school again. I'm taking quite a few pre-ap classes, but I'm still not sure how this is going to affect my schedule. Today was more of a "Welcome Back" instead of "Let's Get to Work" day, so I'm actually really glad. I didn't feel like doing a lot of work today. So, don't worry, I'll still be posting when I get a chance.

My goal is to read a half a book each day, so hopefully I can finish a book in two days. If that doesn't work, because of too much homework, I'll lessen it to a quarter of a book each day, thus one book in four days. I like the former, because it seems like too little to read one book every four days.

Anyways, I thought I would let you all know as my readers. I don't want any of you thinking I've abandoned you. Wish me luck on my sophomore year of high school!

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