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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Jame McGuire Warning

I'm going to speak about something that I need to get out of my system. Don't get me wrong, I'm mad and just plain frustrated. Well, I'm sure some of you have heard of the notorious Jamie McGuire, author of the Providence series, and Beautiful Disaster. Before I knew about all the drama surrounding her, I decided to send her a review request for her books. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to me, I made a grave mistake. I'm going to tell you what happened. Lately, I've been sending various request to various indie authors, asking them if they'll let me review their book(s). I'm sure they'll agree with me that I'm polite. I'm pretty sure I am. Well, this was Jame McGuire's response to my request.
Providence has been out since 2010, and Beautiful Disaster has over 6,000 reviews on Goodreads, and almost 500 reviews on Amazon...
Well, I'm sorry that I didn't pay specific attention to the details of your books. She couldn't have responded more nicely, and not treated me like an idiot. For example, when I spoke with Abbi Glines, she politely refused my request, saying that she only gave out a certain number of review copies, and that she had reached that limit. I don't go looking for EVERY single detail about an author's book. Forgive my great fault. I became offended, but only slightly. So, I said something back:
I just wanted to help you out, since Beautiful Disaster has a lot of negative reviews, as does Providence.
And it's true, from what I've seen.  There are quite a lot of negative reviews. Well, I hit a target without meaning to. Apparently, Jamie McGuire has been known for the scandal of her quite nasty post meant for bloggers who review her books negatively. I didn't know this. And here's something else that Jamie said:
I mentioned your request to some author friends of mine, and we agree that it's not common practice for a book blogger to approach authors for free copies of books...This might help you in the future. 
Right now, I'm thinking "Where has she and her author buddies been lately?" Of course it's "common practice" for bloggers to ask authors for review copies. After all, hasn't she heard of ARCs and finished copies. Jamie seems naive at this point. 

The author thing that bothered me is the "free copies" topic. The books aren't just "free copies" they are, review copies, which is very different from a "free copy". Because, with a review copy, bloggers get to read and post a review, and authors benefit from the publicity. "Free copies" would benefit the blogger only!

So, what did I do? I told her exactly what I wrote above, and then Jamie contradicts herself:
Yes, I am aware Advanced Review Copies...I haven't had someone approach me for a free book in so long, I thought I would double check with my peers to see if this was something they had encountered, and they had the same idea that I did regarding this subject. 
You just said that you didn't find it common practice for a "book blogger to approach authors for free copies of book". If I'm correct, you're contradicting yourself Jamie. And, I really would like to know, who are these "peers" of yours. I've never met an indie author with these kinds of ideas. Now I got REALLY MAD right here, and I will admit, I said something rude:
In the exact format that I sent you a request, I have received books from Cinda Williams Chima, Alex Flinn, Kate Ellison, Alexandra Adornetto, Mary E. Pearson, Caragh M. O'Brien, Evie Marie Mont, and many more(including indie authors). 
So, I'm sorry if this request was an insult to you, but apparently, to other more popular authors than you, I assure you it wasn't. Forget that I ever sent you this request, because I can assure you, it won't happen again. 
Have a good night, Mrs. McGuire.  
I did lose it, but Jame McGuire did provoke me. This is Jamie's last response:
You keep saying that you will not message me again, but you continue to do so. I don't mind having a conversation with you, but your rudeness seems to know no bounds, all because we had a difference of opinion. If that is the level of professionalism you approach authors with, congratulations on conquering the road less traveled. 
And no, Mrs. McGuire, that is not how I respond to all of my authors. That is how I respond to rude authors. That is the last of the correspondences between us. I will not be contacting her again, ever. And shortly after this, I vented my anger to one of my friends, and she directed me to the posts that Jamie McGuire had made, criticizing bloggers. So...for me, Jamie McGuire has one more point against her.

I'm sorry if I offended Mrs. McGuire's friends, or her fans. But, hey I didn't cuss at least? I will never cuss at an author, no matter how rude or inappropriate they act. I don't cuss.

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