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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Classics Resolution

I have come to a resolution. Unfortunately, I should have made this decision at the beginning of January, but alas, I have only come up with it now, in March. Here is my resolution:
This is a personal decision that I have taken, but has been influenced by certain people. Recently, many people have been recommending various classics to me, even though they know that I ONLY like Young Adult. Well, I've finally had enough, I'm going to prove to others, but to myself especially, that I can enjoy non-YA books. In a way, I'm taking the Eclectic Reader Challenge that I am participating in one step further.

So, what exactly am I going to do, you're wondering? Well, I'm not going to extreme craziness, but for now, I'm going to read one classic book a month. Doesn't too hard. I don't exert myself after all. Maybe if I end up liking classic, I'll take it up a notch.

For now, I'm going to be reading the HarperTeen Classics. They have beautiful covers, and hopefully, I will be able to buy a copy of the book of choice that I am going to be reading that month. So, here is my Classic of the Month for March:
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
I positively loved this book the first time I read it! Yes, I know, I've already read this classic, but I might as well begin my resolution with a book I should like. Isn't the cover gorgeous! I'm going to go to either Barnes & Noble, or Amazon, and place an order soon. Sometime this week. It would be amazing if I had this book by Spring Break(which is in one week!)!

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