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Thursday, August 2, 2012

24 Hour YA Read-a-thon: Goals

Well, everyone! Guess what? Tomorrow's the big day! It's almost time for the 24 Hour YA Read-a-thon to begin. I'm excited! So, I think it's about time for me to make up my mind for what I want to read. After all, I am going to be reading for a total of 24 hours. Here's a few info you should now:
  • I'll be posting 8 updates. Once every 3 hours. So, that'll be 4 updates on Friday and 4 on Saturday.
  • If I finish any books, I won't be posting the reviews until after the read-a-thon is done.
Now you know how I'm going to be doing things. Don't miss out! I'll be having a few giveaways, a two mini-challenges(for the participants only). Anyways, onto what I plan to read.

*subject to change*

*subject to change*

My Schedule:
  • Time zone: Central Time Zone (Texas, US)
  • Friday: around 10/11 a.m. to 10/11 p.m. (I'll make a post when I begin.)
  • Saturday: probably around 10/11 a.m. (again) to 10/11 p.m. (I'll make another post before I begin.)
What are your goals?

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