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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Two Alternative Methods To GFC

Hello everyone,

I've been informing myself, and I want a way besides GFC for my followers to follow me. What if GFC shuts down one day, like Picnik? I'm completely dependent on that method of following right now. Also, I want Wordpress bloggers/users and others to be able to follow my blog too, so....I found two alternative ways to follow, and I hope you guys support me by following with these new methods.

Out of the two, I'm sure most of you have heard of NetworkedBlogs, which has recently become quite popular. I thought I'd try it out. So, if you want to follow with either Linky Followers, NetworkedBlogs, or both, I would really it. 

Decided you want to follow either by Linky Followers or NetworkedBlogs?
  • Just go to the right sidebar, directly under GFC followers(near the top), and you will find first Linky Followers, and then NetworkedBlogs.
Thank you everyone for reading this and for your support!

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