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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Faerie Path (Faerie Path #1)

Author: Frewin Jones
Series: Faerie Path, #1
Age Group: Young Adult
Format: Hardback
Pages: 312
Published: February 1, 2007
Publisher: HarperCollinsPublishers
Source: Local Library
My Rating: * * * * *
Swept away into a court of magic and beauty, she discovers she is Tania, the lost princess of Faerie: the youngest daughter of Oberon and Titania. Since Tania's mysterious disappearance on the eve of her wedding five hundred years before, Faerie has been sunk in darkness and gloom. The courtly Lord Gabriel Drake, who Tania was once to marry, has found her and brought her back.
With Tania's return, Faerie comes alive again as a lang of winged children, glittering balls, and fantastic delights. But Tania can't forget Anita's world, or the boy she loved there.
Torn between two loves and between two worlds, Tania slowly comes to discover why she disappeared so long ago. She possesses a singular magical ability and she must use it to stop a sinister plan that threatens the entire world of Faerie.
The Good:
Honestly, I think everything about this book is amazing! Frewin Jones is one of my favorite all-time authors, along with Rachel Caine, Shannon Hale, Cassandra Clare, and Cinda Williams Chima. What did I love about this book, you're wondering? I guess it would be the setting, England, which I love. The Arthurian dresses. The sisters were fun and delightful. Hopie, the healer, Sancha the reader, Rathina my least favorite, Eden and the Mystic Arts, Zara the flirter, Cordelia the animal lover, and the main character, Tania, who is in love Edric and wishes to keep her fairy wings forever.

Faerie was a beautiful land, similar to London, England. The palace was beautiful, large and grand. The fairy children could fly. I thought was pretty cool.

The Bad:
I honestly do not think there was anything that I did not like in this book. Everything was amazing!

The Guys:
The guys in The Faerie Path are Gabriel Drake and Edric. Gabriel is a duke, rich, handsome, powerful. And a practicer of the Mystic Arts. Beautiful yet eerie silver eyes. Polite, yet I think he is the "bad boy" in the story. Read the book and you will see what I mean.

Edric is the other love interest. At the beginning of the book, Edric and Tania/Anita are already dating. I liked him, but I thought he was weak. Not as a character, but physically and mentally. He seemed kind of hopeless. But, I did not mind. I liked the change. The Faerie Path made Edric sort-of like the "damsel-in-distress."

Random Quote:
Her face gazed back at her.
Queen Titania's face.
Her face.
They were one and the same. ~pg. 160

The End:
I urge you to read these series. This is my second time reading the series, and I still love them. The Faerie Path series is a fun, light read full of magic and wonder.

The Author:
Frewin Jones has always believed in the exsistence of "other worlds" that we could just step in and out of if only we knew the way. In the Mortal World, Frewin lives in southeast London with two mystical cats, Merle Oberon and Siouxsie Sioux.

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