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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Fireworks

After some debating, I decided I would share my wonderful experience with you all.  Be warned beforehand, this has nothing to do with reading(a scandal, right?). Since yesterday was the Fourth of July, and there was a fireworks ban in the Montgomery County Region, my family and I decided we would head to Kemah,TX, where every year they have fireworks.  Of course, since all men seem to have a weird fascination with fishing, my father had to go fishing, and so we left around two in the afternoon. We grabbed something to eat along the way, and then settled down to wait for 9:30 pm(a looong time), when the actual fireworks would start. I catched up a bit on my reading(I detest fishing, especially because I hate to see the fish suffocating from lack of water), as far away from my dad and his fishing rod.  Luckily for me(but not for him), he didn't end up catching anything.  In the end, he drove to a store, and bought two large black drums. After waiting a bit longer, the fireworks finally began(oh yeah, two different trucks experienced a flat tire, because there was an iron thing sticking up).  Some actually began at 9pm, but since they were small, I practiced taking pictures with my dad's camera(It took a while to figure out, since I set it on fireworks mode, and it took about eight seconds to process and then it didn't take a picture of the firework I wanted. I had to calculate the timing for the fireworks to turn out) That's my story, and down below I will post some pictures of the fireworks(I actually ended up taking 56, but I will only post 25). If I do say so myself, I think they are quite beautiful(the fireworks, not necessarily my picture taking skills).

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